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5$ commissions!


Hey guys! I have been looking to raise some money for collage and a friend of mine said "Well your good at art, go try posting over on the FA forums"
SO here I am xD
I'm going to do cheap 5$ icons, should be done the day you order them! :D
And maybe I'll take sketchy shaded pictures for 7$
If people get interested I may do more difficult pictures, but for now, I'll just do some nice simple stuff to get into it :3

5$ icons/ headshots

Sketchy shaded pictures, 7$


PM me :3


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Would you do it off of worded descriptions alone? I don't have a ref yet. ^^; (I can provide real animal ref pictures though.)

Still working on it, but for a first draft headshot five dollars is not bad, yeah? ;p
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