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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5 FELINE HEADSHOTS - open - unlimited slots!


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these r intended for feral/warrior cat ocs but i can feral-ify anthro ocs too! <3 they're cheap bc i love doing them but tips are hugely appreciated

unlimited slots! u can get as many as you like asdjaj
comes with a transparent bg

- domestic felines only please!
- head accessories can be added (collars etc wont be included)
- you can use the art however you like, as long as you credit me every time! commercial use or making profit from your commission is forbidden.
- i can work from photos, picrews/dollmakers/wcue, and written descriptions if needed
- eyestrain, blood, insects/arachnids, body horror etc is fine just no gory ocs please!

character reference/description:
character name:
whisker shape (if any):
extra details/information: