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$5 for head $10 for body


Hey y'all. After a few years off, I got back into furry again (I keep trying to leave but they keep PULLING ME BACK IN!)


"What're ya sellin'?"
All listings include two versions of the same picture: One with a simple or solid background (See example for the simple bg) and a transparent version. All listngs also include coloring seen in example (simpler coloring, solid colors, or just lineart also available, talk to me and we'll figure it out)
Headshots: $5. Your choice in expression and view (front, side, or 3/4)
Bodyshot: $10 Ends around the thighs, your choice in post (Complicated poses might mean an extra $5, talk to me baby and we'll make it work)

Anything else, talk to me and we'll see what we can do.

I have 5 slots open right now.

"What's the process?"
1. You can either post here or email me at pillowcaseghost [at] Gmail.com Email is preferred. Note: This is not my paypal, see step 2
2. Send payment once you approve of the sketch
3. Recieve your pic within 7 days of recieving your sketch guaranteed.
4. Post your new pic wherever you want and link people back here :)

Some details
-I'd prefer SFW but we can talk about NSFW. I'm picky just a warning.
-No guarantee on scalies and avian varieties but we can work on the sketch and see how it goes (Risk free. If you don't like it you don't have to move forward)
-Bodily fluid things are a no-go sorry
-I draw humans too if that interests anyone, see my tumblr (plumlina) for examples there and hit me up there for non-furry commissions (Or email me).


Am I allowed to bump this if it goes off the front page? I didn't see anything in the rules about not doing it but maybe i missed it?