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(Commission) Selling: $5 Icons, compatible as Discord Emotes and Telegram Stickers


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Hi! I recently got a new tablet and I'm able to offer different icons! I like my comic book style icons, but I also enjoy doing lineless, so I'm offering both!

I can work with any expression, and I try to optimize them for use with Discord and Telegram. Please let me know from the start if you want these as icons, emotes, or stickers, so I can design with that more accurately in mind.


Copied text from image:
$5 per icon, includes 4 versions.
- 500x500 px with and without BG
- 100x100 px with and without BG
Background can be solid, gradient, or a custom pattern.
$20 for 5 icons, different characters are allowed.
$10 for 3 icons of the same character with different
expressions, but the same basic face.
W/O BG is transparent, compatible with Discord and Telegram.

Please let me know if anything is unclear, or if you have additional questions. I have not used the forum for myself before, I have been lurking for some time so if I do not respond to your comment within a day, please PM me on FA (linked below). You can also contact me through my business page - www.facebook.com: Kayleigh Ann Williams

I accept Paypal as payment, I will send an invoice after we agree on the icons and expected due date. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice, work on icons won't begin until after payment is received. I accept holds of up to 14 days, to allow time for an e-check to clear if necessary.

Here is a link to my full ToS, hosted on my SFW FA page - www.furaffinity.net: 2019 TOS/FAQ -- KayleighAnn's Journal