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5 OPEN SLOTS, inquire within!



Hi I’m Arca and I’m an extremely beginner traditional artist. I tend to use assorted pencils and line pens.

Right now I’m opening 5 slots - for 25$ USD you can get any SFW (prefer anthro but will also do feral) pose of your fursona or character. Intricate clothing, markings, and backgrounds are all 5$ each to be added on if you desire.

I have drawn mostly equines and assorted canines but am open to any species!

Feel free to comment if you’d like to leave a question or suggestion. I will post / edit if closed. If we come to an agreement or you just know what you want, please message me! Here’s info I require:

• Name
• Reference of character
• Brief personal bio of character
• PayPal information (art does not begin until payment is made, no exceptions)
• Add in requests (intricate clothing, markings, backgrounds)

Have a good day, be kind to all until justice is required.