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$5 Painted Mawshots + MORE

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Aye Aye Artist
Hi! I'm Bye, and I would love to draw for you!

- My turnover rate is 1-4 days after you pay, depending on the piece.

- You are able to cancel anytime up until you pay (and when you pay is usually once the inked or sketched stage is done - during this process I will be working with you to get everything right, so it makes sense this doesn't have a time limit due to the ball being in your court).

- You will be refunded in full if the piece has not been completed 5 days after you pay.

Anyway, example tiiiiime~

$5 - a coloured toony icon of your character


$5 - Painted mawshots! Extra characters are only $5.


$10-15 - A painted fullbody of your character. Extra characters $10 each!


$20- The above, but it's got a nice background and everything. Super complex characters without a bg and realistic paintings also find themselves in this category. Extra characters $10 each!


Other stuff: I am open to comic or sequence commissions. You're welcome to approach me for pricing.

I currently cannot do:
- humans or humanoid mecha
- post vore (huuuuuge bellies, inflation, cutaways, etc etc)
- real actual nsfw
- ask me about other stuff

Feel free to ask about my ekas (which has the vore things) and my FA account (which does not).
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Aye Aye Artist
Please make sure you have a Paypal before commissioning!
(Sorry about that, but I've had experiences with commissioners jerking me around and demanding bizarre payment methods. Paypal or bust.)


Please fill this out and send it to me through PMs:

- Commission Type (Toony Icon, Fullbody Render, Complex Landscape, Complex Landscape With Full Rendering):

- Commission Details (ie posing, expression, what sort of background you want, extra characters, etc):

- Character Reference (written descriptions are fine, but I cannot offer edits on my art if you use one):

I will then get back to you with a quote.

1. -
2. -
3. -
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Swamp lurker
So many dragons! <3 I must commission you but first I need to check the contents of my wallet. I'll be in touch!

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Aye Aye Artist
Casual bump for today, as I'm back from final exams and ready to work again! I have some free art to get through, so you'll be seeing that the next few days.