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$5 quick uncolored bust sketches! feral,human & anthro


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trying to get some extra quick cash before AX SO
(I'm going on the 5th so the quicker i get the money, the better)

offering some quick sketches!
examples under spoiler!

$5 USD for uncolored bust - $6 USD for colored bust
feminine nippies are allowed

payment accepted through venmo and paypal~

I can get these done pretty quick the sooner from posting you send the request!

Most of these are fullbodies because those are the only examples i had on hand, the first image shows around the cut off area for my busts (under the chest area)

some of these sketches are really light because these weren't made specifically to be sketches BUT they will be darkened in your end product ~


please send me your reference, preferred bust pose/expression (since busts focus mainly on expression rather than pose) and how you'll be paying!​
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