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5 Things You Love About Yourself <3


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5. The white scar on my forehead from when I ran into a glass table as a toddler. Makes me feel fancy.
I have one of those, too! Except it's from a fireplace instead of a table.

Please explain how you got a house in 6 years because I need h e l p
Admittedly, a lot of luck. I was able to find a good place to live that was crazy cheap so I could save a lot of money. Also lived like a hobo during that time basically, lol. When I bought my property, I moved halfway across the state to where costs were a lot more reasonable than where I was. The place I live now would have been 2-3x the price where I was, and I think it was already kind of expensive.


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I have been able to think of 5 more things to love about myself and want to get this thread going again.

1. I have a form of heterochromia such that my eyes contain multiple colors. Depending on lighting my eyes may appear a variety of colors to others.

2. I have a birthmark on my back that, I am told, looks like a butterfly

3. I am very compassionate, especially with animals. I have brought in and helped many rescue animals.

4. Emotionally I am quite resilient. It is extremely difficult to really unsettle me or hurt my feelings. It was not a pleasant path to get to this point but now I am very strong and can power through any struggle.

5. I seem to have bones like Wolverine. I have fallen down staircases, 14ft ladders and been hit by a truck and come away with just bruises and a muscle tear


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Sometimes I feel I'm too critical on myself, so this was a nice exercise in positivity.
1. Calm under pressure.
2. Good with money.
3. I don't over indulge.
4. Strong time management skills.
5. I enjoy listening to and understanding people.


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Wow I managed to list some serious, positive things woah:

1. I'm able to create visual art that I'm satisfied with more often than not.
2. I get along well with cats.
3. I have a cool last name.
4. I really dig having such a vivid imagination I can get lost in.
5. I'm gender non-conforming and I don't care.

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1.) I have a tendency of making people feel happy & loved without even trying to.
2.) I can look at my own art and see everything I need to improve on.
3.) I have a good sense of humor.
4.) I am kind to animals.
5.) I am taking the steps to change my bad qualities.


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Hopefully this doesn't come across as egotistical.

1. I self reflect very often and put forth enormous effort to understand myself, which has aided greatly in being able to correct my faults and determine with reliably consistency what I want out of life.

2. While I am quite guarded emotionally and very discriminating about who I let in, those who I trust and bond with I am very loyal too.

3. I put great focus on learning from my past mistakes as well as the faults and flounders of others, which likely is an extension of my interest and study of history. I tend to view this trait as important in building my analytical capabilities.

4. While I have a lot of pride in myself, I try my best to balance that with modesty and a conscious effort to engage people on equal footing.

5. I tend to be financially conservative and go out of my way to avoid spending much on luxuries if I can. I also try to live by the "it aint broke don't fix it " mantra, which means I don't often try to buy 'the latest smartphone' or the latest in 'cutting edge computer rigs'
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1. My eyes can become really yellow looking sometimes - especially since they can change when adrenalized.
2. I'm not obese or overweight, I could tone up sure, but I'm at a healthy weight that I like and appreciate for myself.
Which is nice since I used to struggle with Anorexia heavily.
3. I've begun to start writing and appreciate my writing more often lately, which I appreciate since I was always told that my writing was good as a kid. It's nice to be over that large block feeling I had for a few years.
4. It's easy for me to be honest with myself and other people, I don't feel the need to hide things or mask my thoughts and feelings.
5. I don't feel dependant on my relationships with people, and can walk away emotionally unscathed (in the long term) from a romantic relationship. I'm thankful for this because it used to be hard for me to not run back to toxic relationships.


1. I am working actively everyday to become comfortable in my body!
2. I have natural sharp canines too!
3. I have managed to find a great support network despite my autism, even though its hard to reach out
4. I'm funny
5. I sing well


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1. I am working actively everyday to become comfortable in my body!
2. I have natural sharp canines too!
3. I have managed to find a great support network despite my autism, even though its hard to reach out
4. I'm funny
5. I sing well
Right on! Have a follow. ^_^