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Hello peeps! I am looking for someone to do a commission, even if it is just a sketch. The commission involves Kai from Kung fu panda 3 and a female dog character (which I designed). I want it to be sexy... but not over the top lol, tasteful you know. I have been hunting all over Furaffinity for people to commission but as of yet have had no luck.

The artist needs to be skilled and have done this type of work before.
If your commission are open and interested in doing this, show me samples of your work and pieces.

Look forward to working with you folks



New Member
This sounds fun :D I'm definitely down to give this a shot! I can even send you a sketch to see if you'd like to see these characters in my style <3
also for more of my artwork this is my FA: Userpage of bluebullet -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Digital Artist
Hello! I read your post and I'm interested in working on a commission for you. But just so you know this section of the forums is for free art requests and trades you should probably post this in the 'Art sales and Auctions' section just so you know.

Anyway, below you will find my Commission Price Sheet.


Here are a few examples of my work.


You can find more of my works in my gallery by clicking the link below.
My FA Page