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(Commission) Selling: $500 Dog Mini Partial - USA Only


many dumb animals
Hey there! After some thought, I've decided to rehome my impulse bought mini partial AND CHARACTER (with art).
Character gallery with pictures (fursuit pics in tab): Biscayne on Toyhouse


Some more pics:
They are a premade suit that fits up to a 27 inch head, with one size fits all hands and an XL tail. My glasses can fit in the suit head (which is lined). They are extremely comfortable to wear with okay vision and a cute leaf magnet, selling purely because I don't connect with them.

I originally paid $750 so this is a HUGE discount, especially considering the quality of the build. There is zero damage and it's only been worn about 6 hours total.

Message me here or on my FA: Userpage of Biscayne -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I might consider art + $$$ (at least shipping cost) but am very picky, just note me if you're curious.