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524 Upload error page


New Member
Hello, I've got an issue uploading an MP3 file.
I was going to upload the file with the albums thumbnail however I was met with the "file too big" message so now I'm ditching the thumbnail, I'm positive that this isn't the issue.
I did send a ticket on this 3 days ago but I'm unsure if they're bust or ignoring me because I assume this is a regular issue that there's already a solution for so I don't blame them for it. But I'm still unsure what to do.
If anyone has any suggestions then that would be Very appreciated.

P.S, On another note, if this gets resolved, does anyone know if there's a way to edit the uploaded music post so I can add a thumbnail this way instead instead of all at once?


Site Developer
Site Director
The maximum file size is 10MB -- how big is the file you're trying to upload?