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5Auctions 5Themes & just 5Days left!


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I currently have FIVE auctions running~!

Each auction is for a single character (yours or a friend's) piece with it's own unique theme, but all 5 auctions together will make a set! When the commissions are complete, the winners will receive a 300 dpi digital copy of their own commission as well as five signed prints in the mail, one of each theme, in a limited edition set.

So, the themes:

Bangles, baubles and more bangles. I LOVE gypsies. They're like land pirates with more skirts and I don't see nearly enough of them.

Cowboys, saloons, bawdy houses and lots of guns.

JAPAN link
This can be ancient or modern Japan. A super detailed wedding kimono, a pretty furisode or a cute little yukata. No matter what it'll be adorable and gorgeous ^_^

ARMOR link
Armor. That's a little vague right? You can go wild with this idea. It can be a knight in full plate armor, a samurai in lamellar madness, it can even be game or fantasy armor. WoW, GoT, LoTR.

Gorgeous over the top fabrics on beautiful enormous dresses. Frills and silks and lace and champagne!

And here's Bix showing off all the themes chibi-style =) LINK

The winning bidders may choose just about anything they'd like so long as it's within the realm of the theme of the auction they win. Male or female, X-dressing, modern, fantasy, historical, it's all good! If you'd like for me to do an outfit exactly I just need a reference for it, or I'm also completely fine coming up with something on my own. Like I said no matter what, the detail is going be the focus of all of these and depending on the success of the auction I'll be throwing in added bonuses like more background detail, extra goodies with the prints, even an art book!
NOTE: All of the auctions are still at super low prices! If you're worried about auctions being too expensive, keep in mind the reserve price on these is less than my normal commissions, so you could potentially get a crazy good deal on these. One of the Auctions (VictorianElegance) doesn't even have a bid on it yet!!


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***EDIT: Just four days left and three of the auctions are still below the reserve. There's a really good possibility on all five of the auctions still that they will go for well below my normal prices! Remember that each auction comes with FIVE FREE limited edition prints and depending on the success of the auctions there will be lots of extra goodies too =)