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Hi guys! I need to start saving up for a therapy kitty, so I think I'll start here ♥


This is an example of the chibis I can do! If you want shading it'll be another 1$ and I'll make sure it's good ♥ Flat color backgrounds are free and at this time I do not offer detailed bgs.

The above chibi bab was drawn with mouse (character belongs to guIIs on dA) so the current ones I'll draw will be better - I found my tablet pen as of a few days ago lmao.

Please comment to claim a slot! I require payment prior to ensure I will not be scammed. I haven't yet written my TOS just treat me nicely please haha. That's all I ask!

You may also contact me on my Discord! vulthuryol#7657 is my Discord and I'll answer all your questions there or even take your commission anonymously if you'd like. ^__^ And ofc I'll update you there too if that's something you'd like!

★ Slots! ★

I have a few things to do still on dA otherwise these will be pretty speedy comms. May even be same-day if I'm in a really good mood. ovo
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