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(Adopt/Character) Selling: ($60+) Various adopts available! Dragons, Felines, canines, etc.


Please look at this gallery for full selection:

I don't want to weigh this thread down with too many previews as there are a lot of adopts available.


Emerald Dragon $75 USD

Fish Dragon $75 USD


Deer Wanderer $70 USD


Dappled Hippogriffon $70 USD


Banded Dragons $80 USD each or $150 for both


Fur Dragons $70 USD each or $130 USD for both

Again though, be sure to check out this folder as there are many more!

Basic rules:

- Paypal only
- Please note or or comment if interested in buying.
- Payment must be made within 48 hours of purchase.
- Please only offer to buy if you have the funds available.
- If a buyer is unable to pay, the adopt will go back up for sale.
- All sales final.

What you can do with the adopts:

- Choose name
- Choose/change gender/choose orientation
- Use character however you want
- Trade/gift it/sell it (selling is ok though I'd prefer it not being resold if possible)

What you can't do with them:

- Claim you made the design
- Sell for more than you paid for (unless significant additional artwork is added)
- Use the adopt image commercially.
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