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Hey there! Been a while since I tried dipping toes here, but I'll give it another shot--My prices and examples can be seen here!

You can message me here/comment here, or send me a private message through
DeviantArt: Ashvanna on DeviantArt
or Discord: Ashvanna#1268

Any unpleasant messages or nastiness will immediately result in a block. I got no patience for people who don't show simple common courtesy or decency. Please respect my limits on what I will draw--if I say no, it means no. I'm pretty open to try things and hear you out, but once I decide I don't like doing it, that's all folks.

If I've not posted in the right place or broke rules somehow, please let me know and I'll happily change it!

Lineart: $7
Flatcolor: 10$
Shaded: $15

www.deviantart.com: Another Illustrated Thing: BrokenJaw
www.deviantart.com: Style Experiment: Aashar

Sketch: $7
Lineart: $10
Flatcolor: $15
Shaded: 25$

www.deviantart.com: AT Part 2 for pegasyi
www.deviantart.com: Itadakimasu!
www.deviantart.com: Don't look him in the eye
www.deviantart.com: Sip that Tea

Sketch: $10
Flatcolor: $25
Shaded: $35

www.deviantart.com: Turn Your Face, Towards the Sun
www.deviantart.com: AT Part 1 for pegasyi
www.deviantart.com: AT Part 3 for pegasyi

Flatcolor: 10$
Painted(with or without lineart): $15

www.deviantart.com: Sick

+$5 for simple ones like below. Anything else is negotiable.

Ref Sheets:
Prices begin at 45$ for a single fullbody with flesh and mouth references.
Chibi outfits (with or without shading) are +$10 for each new outfit.
Extra Fullbodies (different poses/views) +$25
Expression Headshots: +$10 per

Price negotiable beyond that.

www.deviantart.com: Bo Peep the Jelling
www.deviantart.com: Souel the Jelling
www.deviantart.com: New Meliai Reference

Custom Characters:
Base Price is $45 (additional poses or more complex designs could be more) Gets you a single fullbody, mouth and flesh references.

What Will I Do?
NSFW, Gore, Furry, Human, Feral, Robotic, MLP (most fandoms)
Any closed species

What Won't I do?
(If it isn't on here, ask about it because I probably won't be able to think of everything right off)
Any fetish involving piss/shit/vomit. Non-consensual Stuff. NSFW of Underage Characters.
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Your example images are really small and you can't click on them to see them larger unfortunately.​


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Your example images are really small and you can't click on them to see them larger unfortunately.​

Ahh, my apologies! I don't think I've ever posted images here, so I ended up just copy pasting my usual commission journal. I tried putting bigger images in, but it keeps telling me I'm spamming, so I've updated it with links! I hope that's better ^^;


4-tailed kitsune
Nice! : ) Good luck!