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7 Days to Die?


Why no thread for this? 3: At least, I couldn't find one...

I like this game a lot and the recent patches have made it even better. I'm not 100% satisfied with random gen though because it takes an excessive amount of time usually for me to find any sort of building and to find different areas. (It also helps that I'm pretty picky about what buildings that I hide in.) Finding buildings is pretty important when you're just starting out in the game because you need to find somewhere to hide initially and it's the only way to find certain loots (books for instance, which are now required for important things like the forge).

I wonder if there's a group of furs who play this game, maybe have a persistent server up? I'm finding it difficult to find people to play with. Right now I have a lot of free time, but soon I will be limited so I'm trying to find people who can play when I know I'll be available in the future (see signature). Hopefully people who are interested in playing are not too far along in their current building project or just interested in PVP, because half the fun is being able to build your own space and also dump some of the gathering/building chores onto another person. :p It's much less boring when you have someone helping you. What would be really neat is if we could get a group of people together that we could split off into separate groups and be able to do PVP that way. I have never had a chance to experience PVP and would only want to in that case. Or we just gather whoever and do PVE.

If you're new to the game or the recent patches I don't mind teaching you, as long as you're willing to listen and take instructions. We can start off in an easy world and work our way up to a harder one. I prefer to play on medium difficulty settings myself, but if there's many people helping we could definitely handle a harder world. I can't host because my net has horribad upload, but I load and play just fine as long as the host has a decent connection.


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I'm pretty active on this game's main forum, though under my usual nickname. Been playing it since alpha 2 and still have loads of fun. It's easily one of my top 5 favorite pc games.