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8x $50-100 ea illus.

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
Artist has been found.
Possibly for all 8.

These will be for a story.
Again $50-100 per illustration
There will be 8 illustrations.
More than one artist might be chosen.
I leave the choice of medium and color or B&W up to the artist.
Some characters may have ref sheets others may be as interpreted in the story.
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Hi, I'm interested in taking up your commission!

you can check out more of my work here: TheLivingShadow's DeviantArt Gallery

and see my pricing here:

If you're interested in hiring me let me know!


2D/3D Artist
Hi hi!
I think I can help you out. I've done illustrations in the past and I can work with descriptions/ the story.
My commissions information:



I have a variety of offers/examples in the link below if you'd like to take a look over them. Im able to work with descriptions and provide as many WIPs as needed to ensure the best outcome.

cheebcoms.weebly.com: Drawings

Feel free to note me on my FA or PM me here if you're interested!


It sound fun. I always wanted to make some comic/story pages!
If my style suits you - it would be 100$ per monochrome page including muliple characters.
Hi, I'm interested in this project.

Since it is story illustration my prices would depend mainly on background needed.

Prices would vary. Depending on the piece. If background is required
A no color BG can range $20-$30.
With color and shading $30-$50. The more detail required the higher my price.

Other than that I'm happy to discuss details with you and arrange prices. I can say for certain that unless background requires enormous amounts of detail, my prices should not pass more than $75.

If no background required, then prices would vary depending how many characters in frame.

1 fullbody with color and Shading would be no more than $15.
Any additional characters would be +$7

I am very comfortable with keeping you updated with progress and accepting any changes or additions you wish to be made so that the illustrations can come as close as possible to what you imagine.

You can check some of my works here:
Artwork Gallery for FreedomOfaPhoenix -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
endangeredmoxy.tumblr.com: EndangeredMoxy


Here you can find my commission info: Commission Info for CranberryART -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
The only thing is that I have only one piece with example.

"For this moment I've got only one picture sample, so the deal is:
1. I draw sketch
2. You decide wether you like it or not.
2a. If you dont, you just pay 2$ symbolic and resign.
2b. If you do, I draw it till the end. Price is the same as in the chart above."



Hello! I might draw for you sth within your budget c: Can't name the exact price as you didn't give us any details about the scenes but lets say it would be sth like 60-100$ depending on complexity .
Atm I'm still updating my gallery on FA after hiatus so please, check my dA for examples of my work: Ragous's DeviantArt Gallery
Also there are some examples of more complex illustrations on my instagram: ouch (@ragouse) • Instagram photos and videos

If you're interested in working with me, please contact me via note on FA: Userpage of ragdrawer -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


National Treasure

Black and white


Prices will vary depending on the nature of the illustrations (level of detail required, multiple characters, scenes, etc) but the bases are as follows:

Black and white drawing: $40
Loose paint style, color: $35
Detailed paint style, color: $80

draconicworkshop.tumblr.com: Art Everywhere
Artwork Gallery for Tigers-on-Unicycles -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Two places to view my artwork.

I'm always interested in your projects when they pop up and I'd be very happy to work for you! I offer livestreams so my commissioners can view the process and request changes live (so long as the material is sfw).

Send me a message here on fa if you're interested, and we can talk more!

Have a nice day,

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
Okay, fairly large crowd to choose from here. Right now I'm awaiting the writer's decision.
Also she'd like to have chapter one down first so there maybe a slight delay in selecting


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I think I might be what you're looking for. I do fully painted illustration commissions for around $100 each ($120 cap accounting for complexity and additional characters, sort of like an all-you-can-eat), and happen to have several slots open.

The thread is here. You can find my discord (nekhro#2498) and email contact near the bottom of the first post as well, if you'd like to discuss any further.
If the thread isn't up, here's an example of my last illustration.


FenryTJ on dA and Fefran on FA!
I have a sale going on, so I could do this quality artwork for 80$ a piece

Or this quality for 40$/piece (way simplier background)


PM me or email me xserzusart@gmail.com if you'll need me!
I do streams on picarto.tv/xseart every sunday