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9 free avatar/icons up for grab


ALL FULL. Thanks everyone for stopping by!

This is the only chance to get free icons from me. I usually only do paid commissions but I need some examples for avatars to put up.

So on a first come first serve basis I will create 9 icon requests. After that I will be charging $10-$15 a piece.

Come and get 'em.

1. WillowWolf
2. Bandit2010
3. Cloudy
4. Dsurion
5. Icky
6. Zik
7. Stratadrake
8. Leoten
9. Ferral Caine
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I like what you got there

Refs for Willow in my sig if you want to do him
If you could please do Bandit I'd really appreciate it. Ref is in my sig.


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Ooh, I'd love a Skahlly icon : 3
She's usually a feral; this is actually the first time I've drawn her as anthro. Fur's usually a lighter peach/goldenrod color like this:
Feral ref. Either anthro or feral would be awesome!
A pretty basic coyote; under-eye warpaint-like markings, black tipped ears. Two silver hoop earrings in left ear, one in the right.


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Hey, this sounds pretty cool.

I don't really have any solid refs, but he's pretty much just a raven with a backwards Red Sox cap. Thanks in advance for considering me!


Ravin' mad! ^w^
Feel free to try Kit, if you like! :3

My ref's in my sig! ^ω^

Ferral Caine

Dog Day Afternoon
ohh, me? i've been needed a new icon ^ ^
refs in sig, Rex :3

p.s. theres a good description on my fa profile page typed out
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I think I missed it, but if by chance you decide to do more wanna try Blackjack? Refs in sig, pics under written.
I think it's too late but if you felt to, could you maybe do my fursona, Kura?

For anthro um:

She is light gray NOT White and her scar goes diagonally across her entire face,not one eye or something. (These mistakes have been made). Her hair can be a bit longer and in her face if you want.

Um if you would rather do feral um:
Basically same thing but something like this:
Still has hair and all.