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A Short Fluffle
I have 2 slots open for gory full-body commissions! Everything is the buyer’s choice - pose, props, clothed or not, right down to the color scheme of the gore. My only restriction is that these are NOT sexual (i.e. not ero guro).

I can do any species, but I’m best at canines, bears, and reptilians. I can also do gooey-looking candy gore and more realistic-looking guts.

These are a flat price of $9 USD each, and they are very detailed. I did my character here: www.furaffinity.net: Gory UB! by UBCalico
(My pieces are usually less ugly-faced than that one; I wanted to make him look menacing. Make sure you’re logged into FA to view it!)

First-come first-serve! I look forward to anyone who’s interested! :)