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90's Arcade Racer!


Arcade Snowmew Of Doom
Doot doo doo doo, doot doo doo doo, 90's arcaaaaaaaade raaaaacer!!!

...Okay, that doesn't have the same zing as the Daytona USA theme.

Anyway! I discovered this totally by accident. As a huge fan of the Sega 90's racers, I have no idea how this was around since 2013 and I only heard about it this week, but bam!




It's basically a retro throwback styled after Daytona USA, Virtua Racing, Scud Racer, and clearly some Outrun 2 (Even if it was a 2001 game) as a kind of love letter. I'd have thought the Sega blogs I followed would pick up on this but oh well. It has a lot of the charm and color from those Sega games though it still needs development when not even opponent AI has been seen in any video or screenshot.

Downside is, while the game gets sporadic updates, it missed it's 2013 release date they posted on Kickstarter and development continues. For some reason they're hell bent on the WiiU as their primary platform, even though the PC platform is easier to develop for. Since the PC is a target platform though, 0 day purchase for me.