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A Chocolate Wolf here to rp in Either Mine or Your Own

Amepix Will Win

Some Furry Artist
Hello, I'm Choco, and I'm willing to join a rp, or if someone wants to join one of my rp's, you can ask. I like to have fun in these, and love learning about the characters and world. So, that's most likey what I'm looking for.

I don't like nsfw one's, mainly one's about fetishes and stuff, but I am fine with one's where characters can die, as I feel like it adds some danger to the experience.

Got anything this wolf, or whatever I end up being as I can change my character into something else I think will fit, you can ask me here. Or if you're interested in one of my rp's, you can ask about them here as well.

Amepix Will Win

Some Furry Artist
I'm interested, what do you have in store?
Hello there! Well, so far U have two rp's I made myself. One about Subnautica, and one about surviving the zombie apocalypse, but with both furries and Pokémon.

The Pokémon one is called Pokémon Necro, while the Subnautica one is called the Subnautica Survival RP.

If you aren't interested in these, you got anything I might be interested in?