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A Commissioner's Perspective on How To Get Commissioned

Stray Cat Terry

In my opinion, uniqueness--making the products you provide not likely to be seen elsewhere--is one of the essential trait when promoting your commissions.

Ragarding this, sometimes I see a few artists doing some stuffs that can be easily done almost everywhere, or further, can be done on my own. And when we talk further about this, for example, such artists opening commissions without their preview pics while featuring such stuff, It discourages me a lot. At least if I have been provided with their art styles, I could give it a shot. But without anything providing their art styles while the commissions themselves are quite common(aka. not unique), I get discouraged to open my wallet.

It can be pretty subjective, and maybe that's just me.. but still...

And I mean no offense here. I think it's still worth a go if somehow the commissioners can't afford to make it themselves. (Ex: The commissioners aren't artists, they are in an art block, etc)


Ryker: Bored cuz of school starting up again soon.
Woah, for something that's over seven years old, it definitely will help me figure out how to start commissioning, thank you dearly!