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A Couple of Unique Requests.

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EDIT: Both characters have been drawn. If one of them still piques your interest, feel free to draw them!

Hello everyone! I'd just like to thank you in advance just for reading the thread. I appreciate the time spent just deciding to look in to my request.

Name: Mary-Jane "Freebird" Zexmenia
Gender: Male
Age: 20 (Born March 21st, 1987)
Species: Bunny (Probably related to the lop family)
Height: 4'0" (Earlength: 4'8")
Fur color: Tie Dye (Naturally, believe it or not)

"Freebird" as he prefers to be called was born to two very hard core hippies, which probably was how his fur color turned out naturally tie-dye. He's not remorseful of it in any case, in fact he embraces his hippie upbringing with open arms! Donning a pair of rose shaded "John Lennon Style" glasses, generally wearing a peace-sign t-shirt, and a pair of torn and frayed jeans. He doesn't tend to wear shoes either, they're hard to find for bunny feet anyway and it messes with his closeness to nature. He's quite the picture of a new generation of hippie; a neo-hippie if you will.

His fur gives off a very slight scent of hemp, not enough to overwhelm someone with the smell, but it's faintly noticable. With his unfortunate ear length they sometimes drag slightly on the ground behind him, but he doesn't seem to mind. Partially because of his free instincts about nature.

Like any true hippie he likes to sit around and think, as well as listen to inspirational music, smoke pot, burn incense, and countless other strange and "abnormal" activites. But all in all he's a harmless, fun loving, anti-government bunny. And this bunny you cannot change.


Once again, Thanks for your time alone spent in reading this. And I'd be very appreciative of someone granting my request. I promise this'll be the last one for a while. Wouldn't want to get -too- greedy. :3


Simply put, one of my newer characters has come to mean quite a lot to me, and therefore I've wanted to see her drawn. Details below.

(STATUS: COMPLETED, Thanks ArrowTibbs)
Name: Jacquelyn
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Species: Calico Cat

The fairly pretty, and rather standard calico cat doesn't seem to be much of anything special, wearing a simple turtleneck sweater and traditional khaki pants, occasionally jeans or a skirt for some occasions. She wears a pair of thin wire frame glasses, having given up on her contacts after a while. In fact, many of her priorities changed. Formerly being interested in dolling herself up with make-up, wonderful designer clothing and being one of the popular, pretty girls. But plans change, and she was forced to start looking into academic endeavors.

What would cause this feline to give up such a luxurious lifestyle?

Simply put, an accident happened during a cheerleader practice. All she remembers is she was tossed into the air, and she started rotating about, and suddenly there was a loud snap and everything went black. she woke up later to find herself in the hospital, doctors telling her that she had done some severe injury to her lower spine and that she was now partially paralyzed from the waist down. Simply put, she now spends her days in a wheelchair.

She finds it to be a very positive experience though, as mentioned it pushed her into academics and even after graduating she decided to spend her time helping others, volunteering at the library and the soup kitchen and even various thrift stores, doing whatever she could to help those less fortunate than her.


There's a bit of information detailing her appearance and background. And if you've made it this far, then I double my thanks. I realize that drawing someone in a wheelchair is potentially upsetting in itself, but even the smallest bit of consideration towards the request (shown by you clicking on the topic) is well worth my thanks and admiration.


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RE: Looking for an artist to fulfill a request.

Because you were extremely polite and had a great description....


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RE: Looking for an artist to fulfill a request.

Thank you so very very much! It's adorable! <3


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No one interested in Freebird? I apologize if this bump is too soon, just curious if people have seen the second request, I didn't think putting up a secondary thread just for a new request was the way to go. If it has been seen then I apologize for bumping prematurely. Thank you all for your time, all the same.
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