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Free Art: A Cup Of Freebies

Lamia girl

*hisssss* hello there
If you're still doing any i'd love you to try my lamia? :3



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I love your art. Thanks for the chance! I hope you will find interest in my plush ponygirl Dressage.

Gallery (some nsfw images)


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Oh I've never drawn a bovine before I hope I did okay QAQ Also I added something I hope that's okay I can take it off if you'd like.
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It's perfect! I'm a little surprised at the addition, but I can't say I'm not liking them. The only thing I can really request is the full res images?


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Draw a head shot of my character Diamond


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Prinn Barnett

If you are by chance still doing chara's I'm also new to the community - and I bring with me my moth oc moxia , she's a bit off the normal meta so I understand if she's not your flavor of fluff!! but an inky hs would be really amazing!!