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A Dragon's Guide (FxF Longterm RP)


Certified Monster Smoocher
The bar is in quite the pickle, after recent events. Their bar singer, a young woman, was recently the victim of a drunken assault at the prestigious bar and gentleman's club, "Thorn's Garden."

Having known the owner for a while, Mildes immediately rejected pressing charges against the permanently banned drunkard, and especially so towards the owner of the bar; an old family friend who didn't hesitate to hire her as their bar singer, after his old one coincidentally quit. However, the city council has declared an imminent requirement for her to continue work and for Old Thorn to drop and fines towards 'neglect' and possible closure of the bar...

Mildes is required to have a personal guide, due to her disability. Her Blindness.

She is disgruntled about it, but agrees and finds herself at a local state office to meet her new, personal guide. Perhaps, this will lead to something more?

Longterm RP, with possible eventual romance and NSFW. Preferably, semi-lit - Lit Rp style.

Here's my character's ref sheet. Keep in mind this will be an Anthro version of her. If you have any questions about her, feel free to ask/pm me about it! I will be sure to go into details and I am open to platforms:

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