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A few fursuit-making questions (first time making)



Hello! I'm currently working on a fursuit (actually one I started making in 2016 but just held off on working on for a while) and it is my first time making one. I'm planning on probably leaving it as just a partial (the character its based on wears clothes anyway). Currently I've been sewing the pieces of fur fabric together for the head, and I have one hand paw mostly finished (I've done the actual hand part, but haven't done the rest of the arm yet).

The character I'm making a suit for isn't actually any of my fursonas, though she's still a main character in one of the stories I'm working on. I'll attach a picture of her ref along with some photos of the head at the bottom. (Probably down the road when I get more money and time, I'll try making suits of probably some of my fursonas and maybe some of my other OCs too).
(Also, I know that on the fursuit, it's white and not cream, that's because I started the fursuit a while ago and Finley's colours had been altered slightly since then. It's not really a big deal to me though. And white fur is easier to get then idk, that weird creamish colour anyway).

Anyway, now for the questions I have . . .
1) I think I want to redo the eyes that I had done a couple years ago. You can't really see in the images (because the fur is blocking them lol) but the eyes I have currently are just a white piece of leather, with purple irises painted on that, and then a hole for the pupil where the black mesh material is to see through (I forgot what it's called :confused:). However the size of the pupils really hardly gives me much room to see at all . . . I've noticed though on a lot of fursuits, the mesh material actually has the pupil painted on as well. So I was thinking of taking the old eyes out, maybe cutting the holes out a bit more, then using white felt for the sclera part and then making the iris and pupil where the mesh is (so I can see out of) and painting the purple onto the black mesh? If this is how it is done? If so, what is the proper paint to use for this? (I'm guessing probably acrylic?)
2) Finley normally has a bit of a tuft of fur/bangs on the top of her head, which the fursuit head currently lacks. I could probably get away without it, but if possible it would be preferred to have it. What kind of material would be used for adding this? I've seen it on fursuits before. I would only need a bit though. (Also keep in mind, where I live, there is basically no Fabricland anywhere. And I live in a small town. And yes, I live in Canada if you don't know already). The fur would match the colour of the lighter green.
3) Is there any particular type of trimmer that works the best for shaving the fur?
4) Are there any good tutorials to making goggles for a fursuit head, or somewhere you can buy them? I don't know if I will make the hat (because it may just look kinda weird on the fursuit head) but maybe at least have the goggles she wears.
5) When I do add the arm "sleeve" part to the hand paws, I had in mind putting a stretchy strap at the top to keep the sleeve from falling - I have an idea of how this would be done, but want to see if this is a common thing other makers do or if there is something else, or if it isn't really necessary.

Sorry this is a bit long maybe, but thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this ^^


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I'm guessing there aren't many fursuit makers on these forums anymore? :confused: