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A few notes on Windows 7 installs


How to make a "Pick the Windows edition" install.

Those of you who are familar with Windows 7 should know by now that the installer media is locked to one edition (Betas notwithstanding). Luckily, there's a way to easily remedy this, to make an all purpose Windows 7 installation disc or stick.

You'll need a copy of Windows 7 in either DVD, USB, or ISO formats.
(To my knowledge, you need Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium for this to work.)

If you haven't copied the 7 installation media to local storage, do so.

For any 7 install work, it's a good idea to install the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) for Windows 7.

(If you're working with a DVD, you'll need the WAIK for the OSCDIMG program to make a bootable ISO.)

I'm going to assume that you know how to turn a locally copied source into a bootable ISO or to a local USB stick.

Once you've got the DVD copied (or the ISO extracted.), navigate to that folder and look under the folder called sources.

You're looking for a file called ei.cfg.

Now, if you'd like, you can simply make a backup of this file somewhere and delete it here. This will result in the Windows Setup asking you for the edition of Windows you'd like to install. I do this for work related setups, so I can have just one stick for the job; regardless of OS edition.

OR, if you'd simply like to change the default edition, you can do it here.

is what ei.cfg appears as for Windows 7 Ultimate; we're concerned with the bolded part.

The editionID values can be any of the following:


Note: If you use an answer file, 7 setup ignores the ei.cfg file or lack thereof.

If you guys want any more tips, just let me know