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Haii haii!

Let me quickly introduce myself, My name is Ardee and i'm very, very passionate about CS:GO. Lately i've been struggling to find people to play with and i thought why not mix the 2 things i love. Which is both CS and my furfriends! So my idea is to create a specific hub people can apply to in order to join where you can then chat, play with and against fellow furs. Now this is not fully worked out yet so i have made a small form for people to take if they'd like that can help me make this the best i can. You're also welcome to contact me on discord or twitter of which you can find the information in the forum listed below.

Form: https://forms.gle/k1A7pX7S4My5yrPG7

I hope to get lots of feedback from as many people as possible so i can really work this idea out and bring it to reality!

Much love, Ardee~