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Hiring: A fursuit head maker!


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I’m looking for a fursuit maker! I have a pretty small budget, but i’m only really looking for a head, it would take me a little while to save up for any more than $450, but I could probably go up to about $750, but it would take me a little while to pay that off. I’d prefer to get it in a semi-realistic style, but any style works. So if your open/knows someone who's open for commissions, then please let me know!
Here’s the character i want made’s ref sheet, if you’d need a deferent angle or body part, i’d be fine with making another.


It's just a head ref, sense that's all i want done, but i can provide another if needed.

Here's a quick list of what i'd like in the suit, that might make it a little harder to make:

The nose ring and tooth jewelry
his horn (and a half)
his weird eye, you can make his red/pink pupil a solid triangle, if needed.
(by that i mean...)

his face scar
and his edgy hair floof

Please keep sure you can make all of these things before offering your commission information.

Possible add ons to the suit:
(By add ons I mean little fancy extra things that would be cool to have, but are not necessary.)

LEDs in eye, if you can do this, then an LED is his reverse eye would be super cool, it depends on how expensive it would be to add on if you can make them, but maybe the stars will aline perfectly, and it would be in my price range.

His collar, i know making collars is a bit of a pain, but if you could, please let me know how much it would be!

His weird pupil, in his reverse eye i mean, it's a little complicated, and would be hard to make into suit form, but it'd look cool, so tell me if you're up for it.

His spotted tongue and throat, you don't need to do it, if you'd like you can just make it solid dark brown/grey/black, but i'd like if you did.

Some things about the character:

Basic info:
His name is Sero, he is a dragon/cat/goat hybrid, pronouns are he/they/it.

Sero is a small, skinny, grey spotted, hybrid. He has a very prominent underbite, and almost always has an angry/deadpan look on his face, he has big fluffy eyebrows, a long spotted tongue and a large hair floof covering one eye. He has a scar on about half of his face, and a reverse red/pink eye on the same spot, his other eye is a light desaturated blue, both eyes having long, thick, eyelashes in two clumps.
On the same side of his face as the scar, he is missing about 2/3 of his ear, and his horn is the same story.
And another thing is the patterns on his tooth jewelry, here those are in more detail:


You do not have to make his horn jewelry, collar, or glasses if you would not like too, please tell me if you're fine with making them or not, how much they would add on the the final price if made, etc. (btw the rest of his jewelry is not optional, by that i mean his nose ring and tooth jewelry.)

If you only offer partials/mini partials, then i'd happily make a new ref sheet for you, if i decide to commission you of course, but it would still be for the same small budget.

If you'd like me to commission you, then here are alternate ways of contacting me (other then on here, of course)

Toyhouse: DarkTimes on Toyhouse
DA: DarkTimes13 User Profile | DeviantArt
Or my discord, DarkTimes#7555

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day/night!


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I'm thinking about it...I charge $200 so it would definitely fit in your budget. It would take me awhile though. DM me here or on FA (neuroticsoulgobbler) or I can give you my etsy so you can look around. Not really doing full suits anymore, but I do parts.