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A highschool RP, why not?


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It's a new day at a furry high school. The halls are crowded as students hang out befroe school starts.

Aoi sits alone in a corner, a sketchbook propped against his legs, which are bent. His fur is a light purple color. He taps the ground withthe tip of his vulpine tail every once in a while, trying to figure out what to draw.

His clothes are simply a pair of black jeans, a pink t-shirt, and a black vest over that, which is unzipped enough to see the front of his shirt. On his forehead are a pair of goggles. His hair is a mess. It is a darker shade of purple than the rest of his fur.


Big Dragon
Soon the morning bell rings signalling the start of various student television shows including the school's news program and that Channel One news program. Students aren't required to be in their rooms yet during Channel One but interest is quickly gathered at the program when a live report comes on. Some people rush from the halls and into the classrooms to watch as reports of a "dragon attack" come scrolling past the screen.

According to a report a news helicopter spotted a dragon flying around in the sky not too far away. In fact, he's on approach to this particular school. Several other news choppers joined in the pursuit and one, from CBS, tried to close in to snip a little bit of this dragon's fur off his back. The CBS helicopter was immediately destroyed for doing so. The dragon shown on tv looks exactly like Myr, except a little bit skinnier. Following this the media errupts into a panic and starts screaming at the president and military to do something.

The dragon appears to be flying harmlessly towards the school, not attacking anything unless another chopper gets close. School officials and students act normal, however, since the people chasing the dragon don't seem to know exactly where they are.


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Aoi never really watched Channel One. He just sat there with his sketchbook. He heard bits and pieces of the news report, not really paying attention. As soon as the word dragon was muttered, he began insanely moving his pencil on the paper, creating a sketch of a medium-build dragon.


He ripped out the piece of paper, crumpled it up, and put it in a pocket in his bag beside him. He hated those pictures. Those stupid pictures that he could never get right.