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A little free art ♡



I thought I'd do a tiny request thread so here's my mini-chibi of one of my characters.

I'm offering three slots for flat color mini-chibis in this style to the first three people to reply with a full color, full body ref of their character. No half bodies, b&w, or descriptions please, I don't want to do any guess-work.

1) Makin Pancakes
2) Dreamweaver
3) Niku chan~

You can repost the chibi I draw for you but please don't remove my signature from the picture. Thank you! ♡

FULL! Thanks for the requests guys, slots are now full! I'll get to work on finishing these~
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could you do one for me of penny the peacock i dont care what colors


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Niku chan ~

Mexican artist wanna-be lol
I'd love a chibi of my girl Zel!
I'm actually just finnishing her back side on the ref, I hope that the partially finished ref I'm working at is fine though D:
here's the partially coloured ref though, and her eyes are a dark shade yellow >w<


Your art is absolutely adorable! uwu~ Just wanted to pop in to say that. I love it~~

Glass Bunnies

New Member
Hi, could you draw my fursona? I currently don't have any art of him except for this crappy drawing I did. He's white with splotches of purple, he has a light blue underbelly and the hair between his ears is light blue as well. He also has red eyes. His name is Nyx and he's a Bunny. He's also pretty effeminate.


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