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A "little" introduction ^/w/^


New Member
Heya! Pleased to make your acquintance! ^/w/^

I'm a 26-years old Bi guy that lives in germany (really prefer speaking english doe) and work as an IT system integration engineer!
I lurked in the furry community for about a year more or less at this point, just with no proper interaction, as I'm not an artist and don't really know how to reach out to people otherwise on FA >/w/>''

Overall I'd describe myself as a chill person that feels most comfortable being around others and cares a lot about their friends while enjoying chatting and playing games (fe. League, TF2, Minecraft & Co.) quite a bit!
While I might not be the most "interesting" person or always have topics to chat about I'd say I'm a good listener and usually can continue and contribute to a chat if there is something to talk about though :3
Also I'm rather open and clear about how I feel/my intends about things aka I usually prefer not talking around an issue if there is any but to confront it head on if possible and to try solving it together! I admit that I can be a bit oblivious occasionally though ./w/.''

As I mentioned above, since I'm unsure how to really reach out to anyone on FA as someone that doesn't do art or has their own fursona yet, (it's in the works/done soon ~/w/>) I'd like to just take my chances and see if anyone here might be interested to just hit me up with a few occasional chats and maybe even make a friend, that'd be lovely >/w/<
I might be a little bit shy in the beginning but I can warm up quite fast if the conversations are pleasant!

Not too much of a forums person so you can feel free to hit me up on discord! SP0NK#8355