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A mentor to make a suit for a school project.

My cousin asked me to ask.

She wants to make a fursuit for her senior graduation project. However the project demands that you have to have a mentor. Most of it can by over Skype but she has to meet the mentor 5 times for an hour each time. She also has to have a photo with the mentor. Does this seem really unreasonable with a fursuit maker? She really loves the art and she does want to make her sona by herself and she thinks it would be super cool as a project. She could do it on her own time and figure out a different project but wouldn't it be neat to get a grade for it?

I dunno. I figured I could put out my feelers here. She lives in Sacramento.


Sheepish Shota with a Soft Spot for Sugary Sweets
I could probably help, but Im 15?? XD
I did a whole lot of research on making suits though, so i know quite a bit on the subject~ ^v^;;