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A Music Channel?!


Generic Gay fur
Hello fellow furs! so, today i was trolling the inter-webs as i usually do, and noticed something: there isn't a lot of furry music out there (well, at least that I
know of), outside of FA.
So, i have a proposition for you all: send your submissions to this address: musical.requests1@gmail.com

and i'll post them up on a separate YT channel i have dedicated to music. if you don't have some furry music and would like to hear boring, traditional music, send your requests here,too! no submission goes unposted, and for those more apt at video editing, you can even add music vids to some songs if you'd like. nothing too 'extravagant', though.

and before you ask, NO, THIS ISN'T A PLEA FOR SUBSCRIBERS. i just feel like we should have more furry music out there.

Submissions start tomorrow. You WILL be credited. Be sure to add your FA user name so i can credit you properly. Link to the channel will be up here, tomorrow.

Goodnight all,



Crazy enough
PastryOfApathy said:
What's the difference between "normal" music and furry music?

Animal soundboard instead of instruments :V

Serious note, think they're just meaning what funky was just talking about with a furry themed channel.


boring, traditional music,
*Looks at own music*. Well fuck. :V

Eh, might as well throw some your way, there are some contitions I ask you must keep to, which will be detailed in the email.

@'Furry' music discussion. I guess it's more music made by furries than furry themed songs, which you can only do if your song has lyrics, really.


Generic Gay fur
Oh me oh my, i do believe i've sort of lied. some huge arbitrary school project has come up, and i won't be done until next week.


Add some some rules and termsto the previous post.

Submissions open every monday, and close every friday. this will repeat after 2 weeks.
when sending in your request, MAKE SURE IT HAS A SUBJECT! this will be 'submission' this is just so i can find it.
ALSO, if you don't own a .mp3 version to send via email, send a link.

~thanks, and check the FA main page for examples of 'Furry' music.


i was told that furry music was mostly techno stuff but i think this could be a good example of furry music, no?