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A New Furry Would Like to Battle!


Trash Connoisseur
Hello, everyone!

My name is Gemi, an oppossum that is gonna give this furry thing another gosh-darn chance! I'm just a rather shy awkward nerd that adores all forms of art, animation (& anime) and video games.

Anyway, I'm just trying to get new to this whole thing so yeah.

Thanks for stopping by, I have a furaffinity as well which you can find me under the same user name there.
Hmmm, yeah thats about it... Hullo!

Stray Cat Terry

Meowies! I mean... Greetings!

Make yourself home, and seek out all the fun stuff that suit you here! You are welcomed, my furiend!


Engineering Wolf
Hello and welcome to the forums. And don't worry, we're all a bit nerdy here. I'm Trivean, but you can just call me Triv.

It's nice to meet you.