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A New Video Game System


There are pros and cons to all the new gaming systems coming out. My parents surprised me with a wildcard gift where they said I could get any system I wanted... but part of why I enjoy games is for the multiplayer experience along with the singer player puzzles and adventures and platformers. If price is no issue, could you guys please debate the merits of 3DS v Xbox One v PS4 (we already have a WiiU). If there are any special exclusive games or features or if more if you will be playing on one system versus another, etc. There's just so much information out there and I don't know where to start.


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I would say a PS4 over a Xbone, simply because of the Xbone's understood suckery. Plus, the PS4 is cheaper.

But the 3DS is the only one that currently has an actual decent library of games.
So... eh?

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There's not much difference between the XBOne and PS4 atm. I'd say just pick one of those and roll with it.

Except one is $400 with a little more horsepower and less behind it's paygate and one is weaker at $500 with so much locked behind a Gold subscription.


I was thinking that a 3DS has the largest collection of good games (since I thought it was backwards compatible with the DS library) but it's been out for a little over a year, are there plenty of folks still playing things like the new Animal Crossing or Mario Kart?


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People still play New Leaf but it's getting eclipsed by Pokemon X and Y at the moment

I'd say go with the PS4 though because you'll potentially get more out of it right now


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I guess it really depends on just how often you have an opportunity to get new gaming systems.

If you hardly ever get any, ever, I'd say the PS4. It doesn't have much, now, but in a few months it probably will.

3DS is cheaper to where you can save up for one, if you're smart. But if your parents are willing to go all out, I'd take advantage of that opportunity. $400 machine vs $160 machine. It's a once in a year opportunity (Twice if you count your birthday, I guess, depending on the situation.)


Get a PS3 and take advantage of stupidly low used game prices. Next gen consoles can wait until there's a good enough reason to buy one.


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It comes down to what franchises are you interested in. Figure that out and get the relevant console. The rest is only so much hyperbole.


idk tell em u want a gaming PC or a iPad . The iPad has a ton of good games like shadow warrior, duke nukem 3d , infinity blade, all the grand theft autos, all the pokemons, and you can do art on it


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To be honest I wouldn't get either a PS4 or an XBOne right now. There are almost no good new games yet. I'd wait one or two years before getting them. They also aren't really fully established yet. No one knows how well they run over time or if they are gonna be worth it two or three years from now.

I'm having a ton of fun with my 2DS right now. Pokémon was great, Zelda is amazing. Then there are the Mario games, Monster Hunter and so on and so forth. The 3DS/2DS is really kicking off right now so I'd get that one right now.


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Games aside, there is other stuff you can do on the PS4. Download Crackle and you have free movies and shows. Though I don't think it exactly beat Netflix but it's something

And I think PSN has points just like XBL so you can buy games from there too

So it's not a total waste


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If you want a handheld console, I would go with 3DS.


I ended up getting a 3DS :O


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Build a gaming PC, unless you have one already.