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A newcomer to furry fiction, and colabs!


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Hi there, fellow writers!

So I've been a fanfic writer for years but I quite fancied trying my hand at some furry fiction. Maybe to post on FA or as a kindle book if folks would be interested. And although I have lots of OCs I haven't really put any of my furries into a particular setting or narrative before.

I suppose I was just looking on some tips to get started-- what sort of genres are popular in this fandom, where is the best place to post for feedback, etc!

I'm also an artist so I would be interested if anyone wanted to collaborate on stories and/or comics! :)
If you're looking to write short stories, erotica usually seems the way to go. But if you're a good writer, you can probably do any genre and get away with it. A good thumbnail also brings in readers.


Niko Linni
Yeah as hup2thepenguin said, erotica is the easy way to get viewers and people noticing. I say write whatever you want though. You wanna do erotica? Cool, go for it. Feeling scifi/fantasy? That's cool too. I'm doing Sci/Fan myself, actually.


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I was thinking of doing something along the lines of sci-fi, actually. I have OCs and a vague idea of plot from some time ago. I would just have to turn them all into anthros-- speaking of which, is changing pre-existing OCs into furry ones a fairly common thing to do, especially for writers?

As for writing erotica I do like to write it but I think I'd prefer to do it within a story for this sort of thing.
I usually do the opposite, turning my anthros into humans. But it can work out if you don't play on the animal traits too much. Like if an animal's sense are used in a plot, it needs tweeking to make the switch. But then again, if you're making humans into anthros, that opens up a lot of possibilities you can use with animal traits.