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A note on my past month's work


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Anatomy and perspective. The foreground parts of your second drawing are good but her right arm looks a bit funny. it looks like your anatomy is okay but it'd still help to "bubble" your figure beforehand. Your female figure could also do with some additional curve. Don't be afraid to exaggerate a bit in the waist and hips. Your drawings look great up top and drop in quality down the page.
Granted, i'm not familiar with your process and i haven't seen the rest of your work but i'd wager you spend more time on faces and busts. Don't worry about completing a sketch all the way through to completion every time. You need to practice the basics of anatomy before you tackle something like your latter post. Try filling a whole page with bubble figure sketches and practice posing them in low detail in dynamic poses. Don't worry about giving them faces, or even a detailed shape; you've gotten that part down. Work on your bodies.

Other than that, i can see the improvement. i gotta say, though, i'm a sucker for colored outlines like the first post. Apply that same soft touch to your latter images and tone down the harsh lighting and that alone would have given it a bit more appeal. Keep it up and don't be afraid to use references. Break photos and other illustrations into bubbles and work on top of that. You are improving!
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Basically what PlusThirtyOne said! It sucks to not be able to draw the "fun stuff" first, but you'll have a much better time drawing furries with some basics worked on first. I'd focus on human anatomy (first the general shape, then hands and feet, then face). A lot of artists have issues with hands especially, and they tend to hide them instead of working on it. When you continue your sketches, just remember not to hide things you don't like painting!

Tablets are useful for painting on a computer, but aren't a "get better free" card. Even if you don't have access to one, draw as much as possible however you can. Pen and paper is an old way, but definitely works. :)


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Thanks for your comments! And yeah, busted, I was using a posture reference for the second picture and hence didn't bubble it and focus on the sketching perhaps as well as I could have. I like the idea of going over photos or other references for sketches, I should give that a go!

And hands
oh hands

But yeah, despite my improvement, I think I may have missed working on some of the basics. Thanks for the feedback!