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A Pair of Fur OCs


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Not quite sonas, since neither of my furs actually represent me but I'd like to share a bit about them! (I'm also totally open to trading if anyone would be inclined to draw either of these terrible furs!)

Also, I'm totally new to the fur community altogether... So please go easy on me haha, I'm not really looking for criticism on these characters just want to share them; I hope you can understand!

Name: Arabella Yue
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Species: Brown Sheep
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lb

- Hair and fur: Arabella is a brown sheep, but she's only really woolly on a few parts of her body, particularly the top of her head. Despite it being wool and not actually hair, Arabella ties it into pigtails and styles it to look quite cute.
- Markings: None, really
- Eye color: Split horizontally; Yellow above her pupil, pink below, though usually from a distance they just look solid yellow
- Other features: Has got hooves for hands and feet, making life a little difficult for her. Luckily, she has a doting boyfriend (Reno) who can help her with anything she hasn't worked out how to do without opposable thumbs or fingers of any type by now. She has a short tail, but since she wears a long sweater most of the time, it's often hidden. At home she tends to just wear underwear and socks under that sweater, daisy dukes and a crop top under when she goes out.

(Wow that image turned out big in the post I apologize)
Behavior and Personality: Arabella is very sweet and flirty all the time, as she and Reno are in an open relationship. She mostly prefers girls, but will give guys a chance too if they wow her with a good pick-up line. If she ends up not liking the guys, she'll usually try to pass them off to her boyfriend Reno; He doesn't have any taste in men, he just wants to have one night stands. Despite being flirty, Ara gets easily flustered when anyone she's interested in actually flirts back. She spends a lot of her time blushing. In general, she's very optimistic and happy most of the time, finding the bright side in any situation. This can unfortunately lead to her getting hysterical when things go wrong, trying to laugh or smile through her sadness and just falling apart overall.

Skills: Cooking and baking (Using special tools designed for hooved furs, a kitchen set she saved up for herself during her first job as a teenager. Now she can afford to replace the individual pieces as they break or wear out, but couldn't buy a whole new set at once), Customer Service (She's a manager at a local department store, and pretty good at it), casual dancing, singing but only if she's intoxicated somehow
Weaknesses: Shyer than she lets on, bad at handling anything worse than inconveniences, Hooves, bad at doing chores

Likes: Sweet things, Reno, Being a passenger in a car, wearing socks, being warm, meeting new people, night clubs, the color pink
Dislikes: Being cold, bitter foods, driving, entitled customers, waking up early, dive bars

And, the other one...

Name: Reno Jenson
Age: 23
Sex: Trans Male
Species: Grey Rabbit
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 102lb

- Hair and fur: Grey fur all over, fairly short but very soft. Black hair kept short, never really goes past the nape of his neck. He cuts it himself, so it always looks a little bit bad, but he makes it work.
- Markings: None
- Eye color: Black
- Other features: Pink nose, paw pads, and inner ears. Typically wears black, mostly skinny jeans combined with some sort of loose top. He's especially fond of over-sized tank tops and crop tops, and he'll usually accessorize those with some sort of fishnet underneath.


Behavior and Personality: Reno is a fairly stereotypical rabbit fur. He's in an open relationship with Arabella and just wants to get railed all the time- Aside from that side of things, in which he's very submissive, he has a rather assertive personality. He doesn't sit idly by when he wants to tell somebody off, and he finds it really funny to get Arabella flustered. He may be small, but he's actually pretty strong too, and he gets into at least one physical fight a month, much to Ara's annoyance. He doesn't work with customers at his job, which is definitely a good thing. He lasted only a week working at a coffee shop once. It's not so much a temper he has as it is a defensive snarkiness though; He never initiates the fights, he just says things that make people want to fight him. He loses less often than he wins, but obviously doesn't win all the time, so Ara worries about him. When he's not upsetting people, though, he's got a smooth charisma and sense of humor that tends to get people to like him, and eventually they come to feel that his sarcastic snark is just another part of his charm.

Skills: Good at playing farming simulators, athletic, doesn't mind doing chores, can keep house plants alive, charismatic
Weaknesses: Can't do customer service at all, bad at making good first impressions, can't cook at all, types pretty slowly

Likes: One night stands, Arabella, video games, driving, sunsets, savory food, exercising, soft things
Dislikes: People without common sense, loud noises, getting made fun of for his height, spicy foods