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A plea to my fellow FAers

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So I have after a week of commissions and several more around the corner I am finding myself still a far cry from my goal , and so FA I come to you in search of help.

I am stuck in the state of Maine caring for both of my parents and barely make enough money to stay afloat and care for them as well. A week after I asked my fiancee to marry me last year she had to go back to North Carolina to care for her aunt. In the past year I have spent a total of one month with her. I ran through my college fund to put my mother into a physical therapy rehab center , only to have her end up back in the hospital a month and a half after getting out. So now I am living week to week trying to save what money I can to take a two week trip to North Carolina and see my baby.

I am unable to offer much in the way of art right now because of a nasty computer virus someone downloaded into my PC , but I am offering 5 dollar pencil drawings of whatever you want. I am taking as many commissions as I can get with the turn around being a day to two days depending on complexity. I need to raise enough money for a bus or plane ticket , to be able to pay someone to help my mother with the stairs three days a week , and for food and what not on my trip.

I need to make this trip. It hurts to be apart from her and now having gone five months without so much as a hug or a kiss I am going mad. I need your help FA I really really do. So please help me make the trip to be with my love.

post here or PM me , or PM my FA page if you wish to commission.

My FA Page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/monak/

And if you just wish to help out of the kindness of your heart then please send donations to my paypal account.

Commission payments and donations go to my paypal:

To anyone and everyone that is willing to help I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Not open for further replies.