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A poem a day keeps the rhyme going.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
That's what they say, but it just isn't true.
Roses ARE red, and apples are, too.
But violets are violet. Violets aren't blue.
An orange is orange, but Greenland's not green.
A pinky's not pink, so what does it mean?
To call something blue when it's not we defile it.
But, eh, what the heck? It's hard to rhyme violet.

-Dot's Poetry Corner


The whimsical clown
Ah what is that in the window?
It is but a humble willow.
Why is it visiting my window this night?
Could it be he looks to give me a fright?
Whatever the case he seems like a good fellow.


A poem you say...a writing a day, like capn' America "I can do this all day"
trynna be truthful to the words that I spell ya
it's more complicated then a leap of my faith
Get on my lane, swinging through lines Like I'm spider-man
have you seen Mary Jane?
Lyrical shit, Jcole flow acquired to keep you interested without going insane..
Something I wrote today. Sorry if I mess something up: second time posting here and English is not my first language. To everyone who might feel depressed:
When life seems bleak and you feel weak
Don’t give in to despair
Remember joy and take a peek
The hope is always there

When in the dark a smallest spark
Can brighten up your day
The haters sure can leave a mark
But hope’s not far away

And I do feel that wounds will heal
Ignore the scornful spurn
When time is right I’m sure you’ll feel
The happiness return


Here's a little something I threw together

Tears and Sorrow

Tears tears, they drip down steadily,

painful almost, depression looms heavily,

agony and sorrow dominate life,

but don't give in to it's way of strife,

pain and sorrow may hurt and burn

but things like happy thoughts make the bad times turn

joy is inevitable, may as well give in

because happy thoughts and good times are all to fill in!

Pain and suffering, that isn't the world

that's just the burden that can easily be curled

Chin up, head high, we'll make it through the night

Keep hope strong and you will stay alive!
Something new again. Thanks for the inspiration!
When things are bad do not feel sad
For it’s about to change
Remember good times that you had
Although it might seem strange

It’s no surprise the sun will rise
And bring new hope and joy
You go ahead and claim your prize
There’s no need to be coy

So let us all stand proud and tall
Divided but as one
And maybe you will hear the call
You know what must be done
Something a bit darker this time.
I take the brush try not to rush
The lines and shapes I paint
Another work I have to trash
It does not look too quaint

Like in the dream I want to scream
And bite my shaking hand
To taste the steady crimson stream
Frustration has no end

It’s gone awry I must retry
To take back what was stolen
I may not be the strongest guy
I’ve not completely fallen

I will not bend until the end
I’ll piece it back together
Another sheet I have to rend
I wish to sleep forever

This path is long I must stay strong
Defeat is not an option
Just take a break to sing a song
And drink the vile concoction

Wulf Canavar

"He flashed a knowing grin...."
For L

#3 - Break Glass In Case Of Broken Heart

I thought I was a grownup. I thought I was smart,

I’m actually a child, nursing a broken heart.

In case of fire, I know just what to do,

And robbery, vandals, for all those things too.

For 911’s great, if you’ve got any phone,

And the box on the wall’s got a red can of foam.

But this one’s broke me, my lover is gone.

The 10,000 inside me keep singing this song:

Call the cops! Smash the glass! Now!

Bring out an extinguisher! Spray me down now!

And I’ll be here,


in my silence and dread,

The water dripping down from my head.

Hiding my tears.



That was beautiful....I'll try to get one. Wow, what a mystic touch of words.....so poetic....

The Fall of Honor

The pain that rains down steadily

seems to drip on one's honor heavily

the loss of life is ignored at best

no courtesy as he was laid with the rest

the sorrow of everything, foregone

the agony in his heart won't be long

shame, dishonor, fleeing from the truth

dangling from the velvet noose

attempting to shake the truth with every act

ensues the fact that he was really a rat

the pain of tomorrow, steady as the rain

shame and confusion, was there really any gain?

no more of this, I can't take any more

sweep me and my misery under the floor

look upon the truth, and realize in horror

that you've indeed, shamed one's honor.
A small something about the winter
How often I recall the chill
The warm caress of snow
The milky comforter that will
Envelop me in glow

The growing urge to sit and rest
Beneath the singing willows
Become the forests silent guest
And drown in weightless pillows

Remain while days go by and by
Forget all strife and pain
Dream of the silent lullaby
Just waiting for the rain
We all have that one special memory, which is somehow much more important than other memories – your very own little treasure, so to speak. It might not be a happy memory – often such memories are sad or bittersweet. Just stop for a while and think about this memory: what makes it so important and why it is so significant, what exactly does this memory mean to you. If you did it – thank you.


Above Earth
I really don't like this
Something aint right here
It feels wrong, something off and eery
We fly down, into the depth deep down and dark
The air, smell, off
The sound, quiet, silent
Abandoned? No, we’re watched.

Something in the Abyss
Bright white, engines flare
We see it, speed fast, it’s angry
More blips, hostiles everywhere, beserk
They’re here, tense, tough
I flinch, pilot, violent
Cannons prime. Foe, you’re marked!

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
*set to grandma got run over by a reindeer*

I stood around the corner waiting for her
When she walked by I screamed AAHHH!
for awhile it was kinda funny
Until she broke that base across my back
I’ve been thinking lately about my past regrets so... here we go.
I still remember that December
When I messed up again
I saw your heart so sweet and tender
I tried but all in vain

You were so weak and things looked bleak
So I stood up and fought
I wanted to protect the weak
And you were so distraught

I did my best to pass this test
To shield you from this scum
I played your games and tried to jest
When things were looking glum

But all the pills to cure my ills
Had made me weak and drowsy
And now I have the guilt that kills
My soul for being lousy

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I wrote this in middle school (though I don't remember the exact wording):

There once was a bimbo named Jane
Who went for a jog in the rain
She got herself soaked, and everyone joked,
When she fell in a pool down the lane


Fun loving kitty cat
Here's one I wrote a long while back...feedback's welcome as an FYI:

Hello, I hope I haven't disturbed your sleep up there.
Please, allow me to introduce myself.
I am your darkest thoughts, your primal base evil.
I am you.

I am the part of you that loves to destroy.
I am the part of you that has no morals or cares.
I am the part that want to just take a mate...and do when them what I please.
I am the real you, whether you admit it or not.

What's that? You say I repulse you?
Hahaha, why would you say such a lie?
When your life's greatest moments, the most memorable time you've had
Were under my direct influence!

People say I should be ignored or destroyed.
But if that happened, life would be meaningless and boring.
Others say I should be given free reign and total control.
But should that happen, I would surely destroy everything around you.

We need each other to live life to the fullest.
Your control, with my dark desires.
Never let any fool tell you otherwise!
For remember...everyone has someone like me inside them too.

Now, get your rest. I have a big day planned for us in the morning...
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