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A project for Amateur furry artists?


Do you mean a sub-gallery of the normal FA one? I'm not sure that's needed, since FA is open to artists of all skill levels, amateur to professional.

Unless you meant something different, of course. :)


You don't need an art degree to be appreciated in art. If a person spends enough time and effort in art you couldn't tell the difference between pro and amateur.

If admins did that we'd have a lot of people whining about not being mentioned. It'd be pretty bad.

I hate to say this, but this seems like an outcry for attention.

Some easy ways to get attention in this fandom are as following:
1. Cater to a certain kind of art (ex. Sonic) or fetish.
2. Praise and critique other people's works.
3. Mingle around the forums, you'll meet some people who'll share some common grounds with you and will watch each other and stuff.
4. Do something that's not done much like Flash animations.