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A question about follow-me eyes


Lobie the Cartoonist
While I'm preparing to gather my supplies, I've been thinking about how I'm going to do my fursuit's eyes. I want to do follow-me eyes because I love how they look, and they'll make for some really cool photos.
A criticism I've heard, though, is that it doesn't do well for photos from the side. If the character turns their head to one side, they'll still be eyeing the camera. Which is totally great, unless the character is actually supposed to be looking at something else. :confused:
That doesn't bother me too much, so I'll most likely use follow-me eyes regardless. Still, I was wondering—is it possible to have a more "subtle" follow-me effect that can look at the camera, while still being able to look away when the head is turned far enough? If so, how? Does it depend on the depth of the eyes, or the position of the iris? I could've sworn I've seen it done before, but I can't find an example. ^^;


seconded, would like some info on this too.
from my small amount of research I think it's got a lot to do with the position of the iris/pupil. but also the depth of the actual eye-cup. i.e. deeper = more following. can anyone confirm this?


Rara for short :)
Yup, deeper means more following! So if you keep it fairly shallow it could work out.

I also experimented with having some parts of the eyes go deeper than others (I used a certain type of clay for it -fimo air I think- that doesnct need to be cooked) so it looks like it's looking at you when it's facing you but looking away while facing away (though if you turning it around enough it starts looking at you again)


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