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A rebranding.


uh I can explain?
Hello all! I'm not new around here at all. You may know me as Veestars, and you might be wondering why I changed my username, persona, and such. Well, I've grown a lot as a person now, these eight months I've been active here. (Has it really been eight months already?) For example, I've found out that I'm gay, and genderfluid, and come to terms with that. I've made lots of friends both here and in real life. I just feel like rebranding. That's all!


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Sometimes, rebranding is a good thing! It’ll be nice seeing you around as an otter! (Yes, I already know you, but I feel compelled to say things on every new thread in the Forum Introductions category!)


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
So this form never tried to delete me and the eevee?

or did that still happen?


Things change, but you must never change that avatar. Unless the otter gets a new hat of equal or greater cuteness.


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Hey, great 2 see an update!

Good of you 2 dive back in 2 our fish tank forum!

Its what we all otter do, eh!?

I thought things seemed a bit more fishy then b4!

Swim back on up and play!