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A Ref Sheet with a difference! (Price Negotiable!)


Just another
Hi there all!

So I'm looking for a reference sheet that isn't just free lineart, but the catch is that my character is really very simple!
So multiple full-body views aren't a necessity! Here's what I'm after instead:

- One full body view
- Possibly one detailed view of her tail, unless it can be caught side-on in the full-body view
- A couple of sketched/coloured/something(?) facial expressions

My budget for this is about $50, but I'm willing to stretch if you can offer all of the above!


Hey again! I can do this for you, if you're interested.
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15836630/ these are the samples + all the info you need.
Normally they're $50 but your character is really simple, so I'd knock the price to $40.
Also, the minis normally feature different outfits + expressions but if you'd prefer I switch them out for headshots with just expressions, that's totally do-able.
If you'd prefer a special tail view instead of the info section, that can be done as well!


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Hi! i would do like to do your request! here some example of my art!
In addition, there is a special offer: If you commissioned a design from me, you can get a second free from :iconvalethehowl: just go here-->http://www.furaffinity.net/user/valethehowl/

character profile 15$
: (Simple)
- (Detailed-warning NSFW)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14767923/



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Heyo! I offer reference sheets for 35$. I always do three fullbody views, we could use them to show your character in different outfits, that'd be cool x3 Price also includes up to 5 closeups between detail shots and expression busts, a colour palette and a front-back chibi version. Here are some examples: http://valery91thunder.deviantart.com/gallery/38376034/RefSheet-Commissions and more of them are scattered through my FA gallery, here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/valery91thunder/
I provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval, and I can be contacted either via forum PM, FA note or email at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it!


Hello! I could do all of the listed ones for 45$-50$, depending one if you want the expressions to be very simply sketched and colored, or fully lined, colored and some minimum shading (like in the reff example below, the headshot picture will also be a separate picture so in total you get a reff with a headshot )^u^ for extra 5$ to that price I can make the reff sheet have not one but two fullbody positions - both the same, but one fully detailed and shaded :3

here's some examples:

Fullbody with the mentioned headshot:

Headshot in separate pic:

Other examples:

Have a good day!
-TJ aka Xserzus


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Hi. I'd be willing to do a ref sheet for you. My ref sheets start at $25 and go up. I charge by the pose (more details here- commission info). Below is an example of a flat colored ref sheet I've done. Message me here or on FA if you're interested. Thanks for looking :)



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I could do something like that for you around $30 + plus Paypal fees.
Payment would be through paypal invoice only.

Since you don't want your standard ref sheet.
I could just do other things in exchange for the other views :3

I am a toony artist and all examples can be found on my main FA or Business FA accounts.
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dogbarf (Main) & http://www.furaffinity.net/user/muttbuttworks (Business Acct.)

Let me know if your interested.
Please email at MuttButtCommissions@Gmail.com when you're ready.