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A Regrettable Thread


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So, I'm not sure if this is going to kick off or if at all, but here it goes.
Has there ever been a time in your life where you regret what you did or didn't do? A time in your life when you hesitated to help someone, got caught up in rethinking about the consequences before quitting that shitty job, or thought twice before telling someone you loved them until it was too late? Well, this is the thread for you where you can dump all those heavy feelings off of your chest. Just remember to pick yourself up on your way out!

My regret: Not going to meet up with someone when I had the chance. I regret not having had the (lady) balls to travel a few thousand miles for an adventure that was probably once in a lifetime.


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When you look back at things in your past? Hell Yes! I have many regrets about things.
Perhaps more than one can imagine. I'd rather look to the day ahead instead now.


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I regret studying art for a year. I earned a mediocre qualification I will never use, allowed my maths and science skills to rust and didn't enjoy myself- which was the reason I had decided to join the course.

I was also forced to watch students, who couldn't even remember how many digits a hand has, be awarded top marks in spite of their technical incompetence for 'message' and 'style', when the messages in question were plagiarised off the internet.


I regret that I have completely trusted people who didn't deserve my trust.


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I regret my dinner last night. I know I should avoid dairy, but I couldn't help myself, and now it's killing me. @@


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Feeling like the Prophet of Regret huh?

I regret practically everything. I regret listening to parents and teachers at the wrong timse and ending up doing waste of time courses because of it. I regret all the courses i did, none of them are at all helpful in any job i wish i could get. I regret not having decent friends and spending the very vast majority of my early life sat at home wasting time.


Although I definitely have bigger regrets hanging over my head, one thing that's been stuck in my mind: over a month ago when I was out shopping, an old man dropped their cane at the counter, and despite thinking 'I'm going to pick that up' I walked by whilst watching the man slowly get down to pick it up.

I mean, I also regret not cultivating any proper relationships with friends, let alone more serious ones, that's now left me pretty stranded - but that's been simmering for a few years now so it doesn't have quite the feeling of regret. Someday soon...


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I regret being alive. I regret to have been born.


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I regret not trying in high school. I know high school means absolutely nothing when you graduate, but I slacked off so much and failed so many classes that it weighs me down when I think about it.

I also regret regretting things because regretting things doesn't move you forward in life. lol


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I regret meeting my ex when I was 17. 3 and a half years later and I doubt I will ever move on, and all relationships since feel like... using a kaleidoscope after coming off hallucinogenics.


Occasionally, I regret switching away from my Microbiology major. But, it's usually a fleeting feeling. I saw an easier path in computer science and part of me wishes I'd stuck through with micro, knowing that if I applied my self a bit more I would have made it. On the other hand, I could always go back and get a masters in Bioinformatics... two great tastes, together at last! :-D
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Life isn't always as fantastic as planned and hoped eh? Don't worry I understand well.

Duality Jack

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Life is awesome! Being alive is the best thing ever
on a tiny speck of existence hurling across a vast expanse of existence, in which almost all of it sucks, as it has no air and no wifi.
When I was younger, I was a parrot-- If you said anything to me, I'd repeat it. There was some show on that night, some crude comedy called Tosh.0, and on this show, there was a joke, something about how everyone who wore green was gay. I said that at school at my attempt to make people laugh like my parents had. And then a girl at my table told a very successful lawyer's daughter (who was wearing green) what I had said.
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Well, life and existence are 2 different things
True, but still, we live on a fucking awesome speck of matter in an unlivable cold as fuck I cannot-fucking-breathe void.


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You develop and learn more from things that might just be unpleasant memories, and I don't care for unnecessary burdens.

So - no, I don't have any regrets.

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I regret restarting my Pokemon fire red game since I got stuck on the elite 4. I had some sweet ass 'mons I could have transferred...


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I regret starting college when I clearly wasn't ready. And I regret listening to my parents when it came to other people. I have a hard time letting go of my mistakes, but I know it's best to do so. Else I'd probably couldn't live with myself.