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A Regrettable Thread

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
So, I'm not sure if this is going to kick off or if at all, but here it goes.
Has there ever been a time in your life where you regret what you did or didn't do? A time in your life when you hesitated to help someone, got caught up in rethinking about the consequences before quitting that shitty job, or thought twice before telling someone you loved them until it was too late? Well, this is the thread for you where you can dump all those heavy feelings off of your chest. Just remember to pick yourself up on your way out!

My regret: Not going to meet up with someone when I had the chance. I regret not having had the (lady) balls to travel a few thousand miles for an adventure that was probably once in a lifetime.
Honestly though I try my hardest to not regret things, many amazing opportunities present themselves, some... potentially life changing and wonderful, but in the end regretting them just keeps your mind tied up in the past. I rather move forward and fondly see the times that happened as much as I can and learn from all that I have lost.

I often think of such events and paths fondly though, some days can be lost in wonderful maybes and other lives.


bitch where
I didn't enjoy my last years of childhood. I entered my teenage years hating everything. Things changed after I entered high school, and I am glad for that. I regret not spending whatever remained of my childhood with joy.


Pro-death amateur drawer
I regret nothing because there is no point in doing it. It's not like it would change anything. .

Regret can be useful for some artists as inspiration to create material and sell it.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
I regret leaving my moms safe warm womb.

I regret getting married because he turned abusive like right away... (not with him anymore)
I regret not going vegan sooner
I regret going to college
I regret not drawing more
I regret not having a spine
I regret not learnng how to drive sooner
I regret trusting someones obvious lies and letting them use me
I regret letting the boys in middle and highschool bully me
Oi it ain't that horrid. You don't live in a drug prone area in Rural Russia.

Fuck yes, we are clearly in the best part of the universe, everything out there is fucked up
I know right?


More Metal Than You !!!
I regret most of the decisions I made between the ages of 15 and 22. I was a terrible, terrible person at that stage of my life, and I did things to myself and others that I really wish I never did. I hate that version of me so much now.


Gregarious Gremlin
Has there ever been a time in your life where you regret what you did or didn't do?

Like every day.

I've made some terrible decisions. Blown off some great people. Driven other great people away. Neglected to keep in contact with people because "that's just how I am" and neglect to interact with new people for the same reason.

I think the worst part is the majority of my woes are a result of my inherent nature. I've tried to change, maybe some people can, but not me. I'm set in concrete. So I know my problems will never truly cease.

The only silver lining is that I'm usually fairly good at ignoring my self-induced misery and keeping a smile on my face when things are rough. ...Most of the time, anyway.

Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny
I regret studying art for a year. I earned a mediocre qualification I will never use, allowed my maths and science skills to rust and didn't enjoy myself- which was the reason I had decided to join the course. I was also forced to watch students, who couldn't even remember how many digits a hand has, be awarded top marks in spite of their technical incompetence for 'message' and 'style', when the messages in question were plagiarised off the internet.
When I did my art class back in jr high we didnt have the internet like we have today, Google wasnt even a thought in someones head back then. Hell, the internet was shit so we couldn't get refs online even if we wanted to, it was all books from the student library.

Then high school came around and pretty much the same deal with art class. I did so much furry stuff in my high school art classes back before furries hit the media and stupid tv shows, so no one had a fucking clue what I was doing with all my different art projects. Everyone thought it was super cool and even a copied things I was doing, especially when it came to working with clay. My teacher thought I was brilliant considering most of the other students were doing basic generic things. Everything I did was furry minus a few projects where I used sports cars and motocross because they fit with the media better at the time. Istill have all my arts in a giant styrofoam cooler in my storage unit, next time im there I just might bring it home and go through it all. Anyway long story longer, no one hsd internet back then, only the rich kids (well, parents) but none of them took any of the art clssses because of their "art is for faggots" mentality.

OT-Yeah sure I've had tons of regrets, but that's all in the past and their's nothing I can do about it now. It is what it is, the only thing that matters now is that I'm living a happy life in a happy relationship. I'm sure more regret will happen in the future, but I'll deal with it just like I've done in the past.


Writer extraordinaire
If I didn't consider all of my actions had the impact they have now where I live in not too bad conditions, well I would've regretted choosing the litterary branch in lycée (basically high school for 15-18 yo) and doing most of the stuff I did out of cluelessness. But yeah, I'm not in too bad of a situation, so can't regret all the stupid things I've done ♪


Crazy enough
Depends on the day for me, still a stupid decision in any situation, but sometimes I regret dropping out (well more kicked out due to lack of attendance, potato/potahto) of high school. Most of the time I don't though. I had the biggest freaking ego and never even realized it until they told me I'm no longer enrolled. Time between then and now kind of humbled me, so don't like the situation, but do like the person for the most part. :D So yeah, depends on the day.


Sports Fanatic
While I have my share of regrets, I try to move forward from them because it has molded me into the person I am today. I used to regret being both interested in sports and things sci-fi because I was unwelcomed by many people I knew, but then college happened and that changed. I used to regret switching my college major so late since it forced me to spend an extra two years for undergraduate, but the extra knowledge I've gotten has helped out tremendously in my career goal. The main regret I have now is not thinking about graduate school while I was studying undergraduate, but I am trying to rebound from that now.

My mantra has always been "a mistake is only a mistake if you let it be that way" and it speaks largely about regrets and the fact that things you only really regret are because you allow it to happen.