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A serial killer in your house


it smells like dust and moon light
I have...

A Spyderco tenacious in my pocket (zip tie wave for instant deployment), a lot of assorted smaller folders in my desk drawer, a SOG fixed under my desk, and a machete in my closet. And that's just in the immediate vicinity.

Edit: also throwing knives but I really doubt they'll be any use in a fight cause I can't throw quarter turns...

Don't have a gun though :C


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Within six feet of me, I have a computer that easily tops 40lbs, an electric guitar, amp for said guitar, an old electric typewriter that surpasses the computer in the weight department, a glass (smash, insta-knife), an eerily pointy pair of scissors, an old Dell computer that weighs enough to stumble someone, a case of poker chips with similar properties, camera tripod, aaaand a 21" stainless machete. To top that all off, I was considering buying an axe tomorrow.
I am surrounded by murder weapons. o.o


I heard of this too
I heard something about it being illegal to paint over the orange cap?
I don't know. I don't know nothin bout nothin

Yeah it's perfectly legal to paint over the orange tip, they sell black tips to replace the orange ones. Sometimes a black tip comes in the box with the gun.

Orange tips are only needed for transportation. I think technically that also means in your car too, so if you're transporting your gun with a black tip, you could probably get in trouble for that. But that shouldn't happen and it's probably not enforced as long as it's in a gun case, I transport my airsoft guns all the time and none of them have orange tips =P


He's like, this guy, you know?
Within four feet of me right now... well, I'm glad I'm a junk collector. I have a four pound ceramic electrical insulator, several five inch stone busts of werewolves, reapers, etc, a couple of six inch brass steam gauges from the 1920's, a six volt lantern battery, my rocks I got in Arizona, about four dozen large twisted branches I use to make walking sticks and costume staffs... oh, and five folding knives and two fixed blade knives, one five inches long and the other eleven inches long. As long as I can still throw things, I'll be fine.


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i have a bunch of fireworks (shells, saturn missiles, and roman candles) on display around my desk. i think it would be the most "colorful" way to defend myself hehe.
I bought them all on the 3rd of july then got really sick so I couldnt launch then on the 4th :(



Some empty pop bottles, tennis rackets, a wooden bat I haven't used for baseball since I was 6, a horseshoe magnet, roll-on deodorant, my miraculously still-functional laptop, black dress socks, loose change, a rattan bo staff, a bag of die-cast toy cars...

It's too bad serial killers are immune to diplomacy. At least I won't die begging for mercy.

Catilda Lily

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Let's see, I have lots of pencils, a lighter, a box of christmas lights and a hot glue gun.


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I have an unsharpened sword right next to me so +1 for pointy object. Pretty fucking gay though since I have 3 guns sitting in a closet around the corner.


I would die from A.A





I apologize if you don't get this super hilarious reference. Just kidding I don't


Well i have scissors right next to me and leatherman "pocket knife thingy". Not really good weapons but better than nothing. The good thing is though that i can jump through mosquito net that is covering the smaller window and escape that way.


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If I'm in my room... there's some NT cutter, a dagger, pots filled with coins, heavy books, a deer antler, mortar & pestle, and a blowgun plus some poisoned darts. I'd pick the blowgun if it still have the spear point. Hmm... Maybe I'll use the deer antler or NT cutters.

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Guitar + amp. Serial killer can take a closer look at them.


On my table, a phone and two trophies. Neither of which would make a very good weapon. But in the back of my room I have a katana and a fencing sword. I think one of those would work.

...unless it's Dexter.


On my table, a phone and two trophies. Neither of which would make a very good weapon. But in the back of my room I have a katana and a fencing sword. I think one of those would work.

...unless it's Dexter.

Dexter doesn't kill anyone who didn't really have it coming, though. Why are you scared?


A Dismember CD album.
It's says "Massive Killing Capacity", so obviously it's a extremely lethal weapon.

You'll probably have to insert it into a suitable dispersal device - I mean, player - before it can be effectively employed.