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A [SFW] Feral Wolf Group RP


Would anyone be interested in a SFW semi-literate to literate group rp with feral (quadrupedal) wolves? The initial idea was that you would start one-on-one with me, and if more people are interested, you would meet up in story after a bit of time. I have a couple ideas for plot, but I don't want to give them away. Essentially, your character would suddenly wake up in a new world in a random location (I get to pick) as a wolf. Whether they were previously a wolf, a human, an anthro, or even an alien... whatever they were, they are now a wolf with no indication of how or why. The simple goal is to survive, anything beyond that is up to you. In order to make the game more fun and a little more challenging, I typically rp by (simplified) tabletop rules. Basically, you have a health stat and you roll to hit. Depending on what's used to attack (teeth, claws, random stick, etc), you roll for damage as well. That said, I typically play DM, so things like "you fainted" or "you fell asleep from a laced piece of meat" or "your right leg gives out" can happen. I know some people aren't cool with that, so just a heads up. If I haven't lost you yet, let me know if you have any questions. I can make this as simple or as complicated as you want. I'm not super picky with literacy, but please no one-liners. It really pains me to write out a long post and get one line in response. If you don't feel like you can write well, this is a good chance to practice. I'm not perfect, but I can help give you pointers if you want to up your rp-literacy.

The world:

Sceran was a land perpetually covered in twilight: always heading for the darkness, but never quite getting there. It was almost as if the shadows fought to take over, but the light was just barely hanging on. The sun sat frozen on the horizon, stuck and unable to let the sleepy forest rest. Shadows were cast long in the woods, often times playing tricks on the eyes of those who could not remain vigilant, and this was what made the land of Sceran dangerous. There were hardly any sounds, for it seemed too early for the crickets and too late for the birds. The only sounds that came most of the time seemed to be the rushing water of the central river and the occasional twig snap by an unwitting prey or uncaring predator.

The valley was almost completely surrounded; cliffs covered the north and south, and the ocean covered the east. To the west, however, was a seemingly endless sea of grass: the Great Plains. No one in the valley knew what lay beyond the Great Plains or the surrounding mountains. Many have tried to cross, but none have ever come back. Rumors of flying monsters spread like wildfire amongst the inhabitants of the valley, and just about all have come to accept their prison. Thankfully, the valley was large enough to support the various species populations, at least for the time being. You see, as of late, a new species has appeared in the forest. Unfortunately, this species was not like wolf or bear or mountain lion. This species was a plant: a stationary, sentient plant who apparently had a taste for meat. Since the appearance of this species, more strange things have been appearing all over and several animals have gone missing to the forest. There was tension in the air, and it felt like anything could suddenly throw the forest into complete chaos.