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A Shark Says CHOMP - I mean, Hello!


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Hello to all of you fine people!

I am Serge, I have actually been on FA for a long time, on and off for a while. I've had other aliases, known as:

WinterSin, SkyfireXI, ElectricSerge, BlueSharkess, and AstralDreemurr.

I've finally decided on a name and am sticking with it because I'm tired of uploading and re-uploading LOL! Anyways, still want to say hello here, and re-introduce myself for those that don't know me. I'm a 23 year old Shark from California who likes Metal, Synth, Art, Food, Video Game and all things nerdy. I also enjoy watching cartoons a LOT! You can often find me watching things like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, South Park, Rick and Morty, etc.

I am also a freelance artist of 8 years, going strong. I love to draw things of all kinds, and I'm constantly striving to get better. I mostly draw furry stuff and anime stuff, but I also do some other stuff, like skulls, macabre art, or sometimes just rainbow/pastel cute things. Honestly, just depends on my mood and what I'm feeling like doing! I guess I consider myself a varied artist because I like to try new things and I do a huge variety of styles.

Have a cute little blep of me, Serge your local Californian Sharkie! Please feel free to say hi!

Find me on FA here: Userpage of ezriart -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



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Tysm ♥ I really appreciate that! Not many people like to leave comments anymore so I love it when people leave compliments like that. Thank you again and I hope to keep improving my work!

Hey shark, this snek. :)

Hai snek~! *boops the snoot*

Nice art and cute character, Welcome!
Also nice choice in entertainment :)

Thank you!!! God I love my shark. She's been my sona since 2013 and I love her!
Haha yes, I like so many things I know xD But they are awesome things right?

AHH another californian! hello and fantastic art!

Yus! Hello to you too, and thank you so much, that means SO much to me ♥